KK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. High performance spring contact probes
KK TECHNOLOGIES, INC.High performance spring contact probes 

KK Technologies, Inc. active spring shorting technology, summarized in US Patent # 7,626,408, maximizes electrical performance and mechanical durability at the lowest possible cost. The company has also developed intellectual propery for stabilized COAX signal spring contact probe pins with matched pair power/ground spring contact probe pins.

Over 100 spring contact probe designs support device lead pitches of 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm. Point, crown, v-slot or custom tip geometries fabricated using suitable alloys and plating technologies, create robust contact with a multitude of device interconnect requirements including lead free solder balls, bumps, pads, and formed leads. KK Tech also specializes in designing "drop in replacement" contacts that fit the pin cavity of an existing socket providing improved electrical performance at a reduced price.

A solid cylindrical contact element from device lead to DUT board pad delivers industry leading current carrying capacity that is 2X higher than competitive pogo pin designs and over 3X higher than stamped/etched blade designs.

KK Tech active spring shorting technology delivers very low, stable CRES through the high durability required of ATE applications.
External spring contacts allow our designers the flexibility to control spring force at the optimum test height with minimal stress for high durability applications.
Test lengths as short as 1.5mm minimize inductance and resistance while creating 2X greater top side stroke than competing pogo pin or stamped/etch blade contact designs. Typical 1dB insert loss is greater than 15GHz.

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