KK TECHNOLOGIES, INC. High performance spring contact probes
KK TECHNOLOGIES, INC.High performance spring contact probes 

KK Technologies, Inc. high performance, low cost spring contact pin (pogo pin) technology for wafer, device or system level applications…

Driven by Moore's Law, semiconductor device manufacturers continue to extract ever-greater levels of functionality from their designs. The non-stop push to increase device functionality increases device power, speed and interconnect density requirements even with significant improvements in transistor efficiency. The advent of 3D and wafer level packaging only add to the challenge. Increasing device power, speed and interconnect density require contact solutions with greater compliance, current carrying capacity and lower electrical inductance, contact resistance, and cost. Yet despite the need to improve contact cost/performance, test contact suppliers are asking their customers to compromise on one or the other…until now.

KK Technologies, Inc. has developed a line of spring contact pins (pogo pins) for wafer, device, or system level applications that deploy their patented active spring shorting technology providing maximum contact performance at the lowest possible cost… without Compromise!

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KK Technologies, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ  USA

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